Eelco Hilgersom art & design
Habitat Wanderlust Interior art

The abstract artwork Wanderlust from the Habitat family is also inspired by the many wonderful organisms that nature creates. This creature represents that feeling of Wanderlust that we all can have after a time of isolation. The strong desire to seek new horizons and habitats, stepping out of one’s own environment and discover the world. Creating new memories, looking for novelties, discoveries and making new connection with other beings. Feeling socially and alive. The colors and shape of this artwork represents all of those feelings.

This artwork has a height of 150 cm and a diameter of 50 cm. The height of the pedestal is determined by the space where the abstract work will be placed. The pedestal in the picture is 30 cm high, making it a total of 180 cm. A true eyecatcher and it will illuminate every room immediately and is therefore an unique collectable piece for the real art lover. 


Habitat Wanderlust Contemporary art