Eelco Hilgersom art & design



Eelco Hilgersom was born in 1979 in Amsterdam.

And since childhood, he has been fascinated by the architecture and structures that nature creates.

Always wanting to build and create. This fascination drives him to create abstract works based on these natural forms and organisms.


Besides being a contemporary artist, he is also a designer and has followed several graphical studies and courses. For many years he has worked as a designer at large design studios. But being a contemporary artist is his true passion and it runs through his veins. ‘There is no better feeling than to work out an idea into an actually tangible artwork and the knowledge that my art inspires others and is being enjoyed by others fulfills me with pride.’


In all of his work Eelco is looking for contrasts in form, color or material. ‘My aim is to touch the observers and take them into the work through the contrasts and complexity of the piece.’ To achieve this goal, he uses different techniques and materials.

His latest artworks are inspired by the way organisms communicate. In this serie Habitat, different structures and colors of the organisms are mixed and depicted in an abstract way. The organic shapes, colors and reflective surface create a new kind of creature that wants to show all its beauty and emotion.



If you are looking for an artistic statement in your home or a spectacular piece for an office or a public space, with a customised artwork it is possible to have a unique artwork made especially for you. Format, material and color is then entirely at your own choice and will therefore give the perfect end result.